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The solar industry is changing, and with battery storage on the way to becoming a common household article, we focus on making your system ready for the future.

The cost of energy is ever-increasing. Take the step to hedge against energy price increases, and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t made the shift sooner.


The best available grid connect solar systems

The latest and best value solar battery hybrid systems

Ever reliable full off grid, stand-alone power systems


3.52KW JINKO 440W

Generates 13kWh per day on average in Victoria*

Suitable for low – moderate consumption users, 2 – 3 bedrooms. Finance available

4.4KW JINKO 440W

Generates 15kWh per day on average in Victoria*

Suitable for moderate consumption users, 3 – 4 bedrooms. Finance available

6.6 KW. JINKO 440W

Generates 22kWh per day on average in Victoria*

Suitable for moderate-high consumption users, 4-5 bedrooms. Finance available

Most Popular
Battery Storage &
Solar Hybrid Systems


Popular Option

LG Chem RESU high performance batteries are designed to tie in with your grid connect solar to increase self-consumption and savings. The 10kWh system is designed to pair with 5kW of solar and would suit a working household where peak usage occurs before work or school in the morning and after work or school in the evening. Smaller models are available. All system use Sunny Storage to connect to your existing or new solar power system and come with REPOSIT as standard.


Smart Modular Storage

The Enphase AC batteries bring intelligence and excellent value, and are the perfect additions to compliment your solar power system and can also be paired with any standard grid connect inverter. The system is modular design means you can add extra batteries at any time in 5.04kWh increments up to the size of your choice or needs. This system suits users looking for flexibility with their battery capacity.


The Full Stack Solution

QCELLS’ third generation energy storage system Q.HOME CORE integrates a solar inverter and batteries (with Samsung SDI battery cells) and offers a market-leading 15 years warranty. Combined with QCELLS’ Q.VOLT inverter and solar panels, QCELLS offer a complete full-stack solution. It is scalable with extra units, and perfect for those who would like a complete energy solution all under the same umbrella.

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*Average Daily Production depends on factors such as location, local shading, panel azimuth and pitch. For more detailed information on solar production at your home, request a quote today.