Solar Power Solutions

Of Solar Power Solutions

At Sunstainable, we believe in making solar energy accessible without the fuss. Our seasoned team guides you through the entire process – from hassle-free consultations to seamless installations. 

With cutting-edge solar panels, we’re here to power your home efficiently and sustainably. Whether you’re aiming to trim energy bills, reduce your environmental impact, or simply embrace a greener lifestyle, Sunstainable has the experience and expertise to illuminate your path. 

Trust us to make the sun work for you, just like we’ve been doing for the past ten years and counting!

Solar Solutions

Residential Solar

The solar industry is changing, and with battery storage on the way to becoming a common household article, we focus on making your system ready for the future.

The cost of energy is ever-increasing. Take the step to hedge against energy price increases, and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t made the shift sooner.

Solar Solutions

Commercial Solar

Our unique commercial solar systems are tailored using the latest solar software and analytics – so you don’t have to worry about oversizing, or undersizing.

We have the experience, technology and know how to provide only the best return on investment that solar power can manage, and that’s why we are one of Australias leading suppliers and best solar installers Melbourne wide.

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Solar Financial Solutions

Finance Your Solar System And
Stop The Electricity Price Squeeze!

At Sunstainable our focus is on crafting & delivering solar financial solutions which deliver real value to you from day one. Even with finance, your total payments over the year could be less than they are today, and with *zero deposit to approved applicants what else is there to consider?


With the price of electricity continuing to rise if your customers do nothing today, even if the price of electricity just increased at the CPI, they may soon be paying more than double what you are today. Lock in lower costs solar installers Melbourne now with a fixed price for up to ten years. These graphs show you the potential savings.


Smaller systems can be financed for under $2.00 a day ($14 a week) and larger systems from about $3.50 a day ($25 a week) depending on the system specifications and difficulty of installation (subject to credit approval).


Contact Sunstainable today for a quote on a solar system and find out how easy it is to finance your system and start saving now.

Solar Power Payment Plan

Contact Sunstainable Where Our Experienced Team Are Ready To Help You Make The First Steps Installing A System Tailored To Your Needs. To Get In Touch With Us Please Call Us On 1300 487 200, Or Send Us A Message Using The Contact Form.

*A small deposit is payable at the time of acceptance of your solar installation. The balance of your installation cost is then able to be paid on a Payment Plan. A Payment Plans are offered by ASM Finance and are subject to approval.