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Prime Minister officially opens new Tindo Solar factory

Australia’s only solar panel manufacturer, Tindo Solar, was opened by the Prime Minister Julia Gillard in Adelaide on 26th October 2012.

World Class Quality

The Tindo solar panel is a world class, high quality and innovative panel that is new to the Australian public. Managing Director Mr. Adrian Ferraretto describes the key attributes of the AC module as

1. Enhanced electricity production “traditional DC panels need to be wired in strings” with the performance of each string reduced by the lowest performing panel in each string. Research evidence confirms at least 15% additional performance with an AC panel

2. Owners of an AC module system can observe real time the performance of each and every panel via the internet or smart phone

3. The micro inverter has an industry first 25 year warranty.

Tindo Solar

Tindo Solar is a wholly Australian owned and privately funded business. It has the capacity to manufacture panels with a power output rating 60MW, that’s 240,000 panels, per annum and can make a new panel in less than 3 min.

Tindo currently employs 12 staff with a trajectory indicating around 100 employees within the next three years. The company will look to reverse the tide of solar imports by exporting to Asia Pacific within 12 months. India alone is a $60B market over the next 10 years and Tindo is already in discussion with connections in India and other countries.


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