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5 Common Myths About Solar Power Busted

The use of solar power panels is steadily increasing. One of the main reasons for their increased popularity is the ever growing awareness surrounding sustainability, eco-friendliness, and lowering energy costs. These panels are not as expensive as they were a decade ago either, so they are quickly becoming more and more widely accessible. As a result we’re seeing solar panel suppliers Melbourne to Sydney, Canberra, and the rest of Australia getting more of a workout than ever.

Regardless of their many advantages, a number of people are still hesitant to make the switch to solar power panels. This is due to some common myths and misconceptions floating around about solar power.

We’re here to bust some of these common myths and help people understand the benefits and reality of using solar power.


One of the most common myths is that solar panels require an extensive amount of maintenance. This is not true. Depending on the geographical location in which your solar panels are installed, the level of maintenance will vary. In places that experience more extreme weather conditions, higher winds, heavy rain, or even snow, your solar panels will require more regular maintenance and precautions. Any blockage in the source of light or debris caught in the mechanisms of panels will call for regular cleaning. However, panels installed in ideal climates with expert consideration will need very little maintenance to provide great return.

We recommend cleaning panels at least bi-annually to ensure you’re getting the most out of them. It’s measured that dirty solar panels will work at 50% of their capacity. This is why ensuring yours are clean and well kept is so important. Leave this one up to the experts for the best results too.

Warmth & Heat
Another common misconception about solar panels is that they work to harness the sun’s heat or warmth, rather than its energy. Many people think they need to live in hotter climates to get the most out of their solar panels. This isn’t the case. Panels use the sun’s energy, rather than the warmth or heat it generates to store energy for your usage. This means that even in cloudy climates or seasons, the sunlight throughout the day is still going to be harnessed by your panels and made into usable energy.

What Happens At Night Time?
Just because solar panels use sunlight to create energy, this does not mean when the sun goes down they simply stop providing energy. Solar panels create surplus energy throughout the day. This stored energy is available for use long through the night. In one day your panels will create more energy than your property uses in that same day, therefore with panels, you’re constantly creating a backlog of sustainable energy.

Roofing Damage
Many residents worry that installing solar panels is irreversible, and will cause lasting damage to their roofing. This is not the case. Before installing, professionals will always inspect your roof. This allows us to ensure it is able to properly facilitate panels and how we can best install them. If your panels are installed correctly by an expert team of professionals, there should be no damage or deterioration.


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