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Sunstainable: Our Story

Not all solar retailers and installers are created equal. At Sunstainable we are committed to sustainability and its benefits for all Australians. It is exciting to us that ordinary Aussies can become largely self-sufficient with their energy requirements by installing eco-friendly home solar solutions. Helping our clients lower their utility bills and reduce their reliance on the energy grid is our passion. Giving people a level of independence, while caring for the environment, makes us go to bed at night with a smile on our face!

In 2008 our director, Peter Elliot, and his wife took a sailing trip through the arctic North-West passage. This was a life changing experience. It was a beautiful, harsh and very fragile environment. It brought home to them just how precious our planet really is. It made them want to make a difference to the planet

Peter Elliot noticed that solar energy was beginning to gain interest in Australia so decided to open his solar retail and installation business in 2008 with his commitment to the environment and traditional Aussie values in mind. Sunstainable started in Melbourne and over ten years later has 6 staff members and 5 qualified solar system installation teams working across Melbourne.

Our passion for sustainability and energy self-sufficiency is shared by all our Sunstainable staff. We are dedicated to analysing your energy usage and tariffs and coming up with the best solar Solutions for you and your household. We want to make solar accessible for all Aussies. There is nothing more exciting for us than when a new client gets their first energy bill after installing one of our solar solutions and reports a huge saving

The solar industry is constantly evolving, and solar panels and inverters are becoming more efficient and competitively priced, so we at Sunstainable are regularly upgrading our range of solutions that we offer within our business. We look for solar solutions that are value for money, high quality and built to last and that have long warranties for customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Sunstainable also does solar solutions for commercial businesses and schools. For these clients the process is, we analyse their energy consumption and use the latest technology software and engineering partners to create the individual solution for their business or school.  We create solar solutions based on their energy consumption to come up with a solar solution that suits their unique requirements. Our commercial clients report dramatic reductions on their electricity consumption after we commission their solar solutions. The results have been exceptional.

A further benefit to homes, businesses and schools is the installation of solar with batteries. This can further reduce their grid energy requirements even further and create less reliance on the grid especially in black out situations. Here at Sunstainable we are an approved supplier of the highly efficient Tesla Powerwall 2, which will supply your home or business and school with solar energy even after sunset and in poor weather conditions. Every family, business and school has different requirements so at Sunstainable we analyse your energy requirements specifically so that the batteries are a perfect adjunct to your solar solution.

People now understand that Solar panels and inverters pay for themselves with the energy that they generate from the sun within two to three years, also at the same time produce clean energy with no greenhouse emissions for well over 25 years.

Currently the State and Federal Governments offer huge incentives as rebates on solar and batteries that also make it even more viable to install solar and batteries sooner rather than later.

If you would like to know more about what Sunstainable can do for your home business or school check out our video: Sunstainable Making a Difference.


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