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Australia Post installs huge 2.1MW rooftop solar array in Sydney

Australia Post has announced its latest commercial solar investment, this time with a massive installation of more than 2MW of rooftop PV on its Sydney parcel facility in Chullora.

Energy costs savings of $800,000 a year

The 2.1MW project – one of the biggest single rooftop arrays in the country – was completed last month, and is expected to go live by the end of the year, when it will start saving Australia Post more than $800,000 a year in energy costs.

The $3 million project notches up the organisation’s 49th solar-equipped site, which will soon generate a combined total of 5,000MWh (5GWh) of renewable electricity a year.

Australia Post Group Chief Financial Officer, Janelle Hopkins, said on Monday that the solar panels would directly power the country’s busiest parcel sorting centre.

“The solar power installation will reduce our operational costs, enabling us to invest more in the products and services our customers want from Australia Post.

$40M saving to date

“Our investments in improving energy and cost efficiency of our buildings have already saved us $40 million,” she said.

“This project is a strong example of our commitment towards leading with environmentally sustainable business outcomes.”

As noted above, at 2.1MW, the Chullora installation ranks among the biggest single rooftop solar installations in Australia so far, alongside the 1.9MW array that is currently being installed on the roof of the International Terminal at Queensland’s Brisbane Airport – part of a total 6MW airport-wide system.

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