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Am I Eligible for A Solar Rebate?

Environmental Policy

At Sunstainable we aim to carry out our business with the least
impact on the environment.

Our Goal

To be the best value solar provider by delivering high quality solar power systems at competitive prices and offering our customers a positive, friendly and satisfying solar experience. In carrying this goal we will have a positive impact on our customers, staff, suppliers and the environment.

Our Mission

To make high quality reliable renewable energy products accessible to all Australians.

At Sunstainable we believe in living and breathing sustainable business practices in all parts of our operation. Environmental awareness is promoted at all levels of the business and with all inward and outward facing interactions between staff, suppliers and customers.

We prefer and give priority to suppliers who have least impact on the environment through packaging reduction and manufacturing practices. Within our organization we recycle, reuse and reduce usage where ever possible through the use of paperless systems, using public transport and recycling where ever possible. We encourage our suppliers and customers to engage in least impact practices.

We value staff input and actively encourage staff in decision making in our organization. Sunstainable actively fosters staff learning and development and acknowledges hard work and empowers employees to achieve their goals.

Through regular review we apply the principles of continuous improvement and aim to continually refine and carry out our business in a better more sustainable way than we did the day before.