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How to Have Solar Power Installed?

So you’ve heard about the financial and environmental benefits of solar power installation Melbourne systems. They offset electricity bills for residential and commercial buildings and they come with a range of incentives to keep things affordable. 

Sunstainable is passionate about bringing these benefits to as many home and business owners as possible, using the best solar installers Melbourne can offer. 

But what are the steps to implementing this technology on your premises?

System size, placement, and cost will all come into consideration as you enquire with us, so this blog will clear up any questions you might have about the process. 

Assess Your Roof

Australia’s solar uptake is largely thanks to the limited prerequisites for its installation.

They can be designed to suit your home or business fairly easily, but proper planning should take place to get the most out of your roofing. A solar panel can last for up to 25 years, so it’s important to get these decisions right the first time!

Each solar panel weighs about 10 to 20kg, which is likely to be much less than your roof’s maximum load. We recommend getting any maintenance done on your roof prior to installation. If this isn’t done, however, your accredited installation professional will be sure to check the structure’s stability anyway.

You’ll then want to assess your roof location, position and direction. If the solar panel is any more than 20% shaded by a tree or neighbouring building, it won’t be as efficient as possible. 

Likewise, if the panel isn’t slanted in the right direction or at the right angle, sunlight won’t hit it correctly and potential solar energy can be lost – losing you money and electricity. 

Again, a trained professional will be able to consult your roof and help you to understand your building’s unique requirements. 

Consider Your Neighbours

If you live next to a taller building, you could risk your panels being overshadowed, reducing their time in the sun and the point of their installation. 

There may be some instances where a panel can remain effective despite overshadowing. One example may be if the shadows only occur in the morning, as solar panels convert the highest rate of electricity in the early hours of the afternoon.

You may also need to consider the reflection factor of your solar panels, if you live next to an apartment building or similar. Bright sunlight reflecting off solar panels can be annoying for neighbours and could cause conflict, but it is unlikely to stop you from installing them if you choose to. 

Consider Costs

The beautiful thing about solar panels is they can be installed on a variety of scales to suit your budget. 

Sunstainable, for example, offers systems of 3.2kW, 4.16kW, or 5.12kW to suit homes from 2 to 5 bedrooms. 

We’ll walk you through how costs can be reduced or what you can add to the system if you have the additional funds. 

It’s also important to remember that solar panels are an investment. The upfront cost will slowly be offset by the money you save on electricity and the tariffs you receive by feeding power back into the grid. 

The average Australian home can save up to $640 per year by installing a solar battery, while quarterly power bills can also be cut by $280 through the simple use of solar panels. This will vary by the system you choose, but the savings are plain to see. 

 Contact Sunstainable

We are an Australian solar panel supplier passionate about empowering your home or business with renewable energy. The benefits of such technology are too good to pass up, so get in contact today to have your solar panels installed. 


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