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Components of a Solar Energy System: Part 1

There’s more to a solar power system than just solar panels. Your solar system must include high quality ETC, proper mounting, correct wiring, regulators and fuses, and a battery system should you wish to store energy. Solar power is a popular and dependable energy source in both rural Victoria and the Melbourne metropolitan area but you will need to call a trained solar dealer for safe and effective system design and installation. We at Sustainable are experts in home and commercial solar and take great pride in offering superior solar solutions. We use the best quality solar energy technology to bring you the most outstanding solar system performance to your home or business. These days there are a lot of smart add-ons that monitor and optimise your solar system, but the basic set up is broadly the same. To get you more familiar with how solar energy works let’s run through three basic components of a PV system.

PV panels:

Solar panels may be the most obvious part of your solar system but they’re just one piece of the puzzle. Panels are usually installed on the roof although there are alternative options if required (just get in touch to find out more). The location and mounting of your solar panels affects their performance more than anything, so it’s essential that you hire a team like Sunstainable who will get it perfect.

Mounting Racks:

Mounting your panels correctly is essential to their longevity and performance. If they’re not mounted correctly then they may not last the optimum of 25 years or generate ample power. Mounting racks both secure and position your panels to best collect the sun’s energy. Roof mounted systems are the most common but there are also free standing and ground systems that are effective and easy to maintain. It all depends on your needs and buildings. Regardless of where you mount your panel you will need to ensure that the fixtures are high quality and properly installed. Our experience and expertise means you don’t have to worry about possible mounting issues.

AC to DC Inverters:

Inverters take the high-current signals from your solar panels and convert them into grid-compatible power. Effectively, your solar panels are useless without an inverter to turn sunshine into effective household energy, so it’s important to get a high quality and tried-and-tested inverter. At Sunstainable we know our inverters back to front and will be able to advise you on the best options for your home or business.

Tesla Powerwall Battery Pack:

Solar power systems produce energy when the sun is shining, but we also need power at night and on cloudy days. This is where a battery pack comes in. A battery pack stores excess power so you can use stored power later. There are a lot of options on the market but we recommend the Tesla Powerwall for optimum energy efficiency. The Tesla Powerwall 2 stores your surplus energy so you are assured a constant energy supply. The Powerwall 2 also allows for load shifting. Load shifting is alternatively between solar, battery, and grid power to achieve the biggest savings on your utility bills. Load shifting deserves a blog post of its own since it’s one of the top reasons to install a solar energy system. We want to help you take control of your energy consumption. Call us today to get started.


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