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Seven Reasons to Install Solar Power

Here are the seven reasons to install solar power to your residential or commercial property.

1. Solar power will save you money

With the help of government incentives, the cost of generating your own power from rooftop solar panels is less than the cost of buying it from your electricity retailer.

2. Solar power can make you money

In most states in Australia owners of solar power systems can be paid a premium amount for electricity they supply to the grid. When you are using less power than your solar system is producing, you will be clocking up credits on your power bill. Depending on the size of the system and the way you use power in the home, it is even possible that your electricity company will pay you rather than the other way around.

3. Solar power helps to protect you from rising electricity prices

There is no doubt that electricity prices are rising, and that this will continue. By installing a solar power system you are locking in a fixed price now for the electricity it will produce over the life of the system. That could be 40 years or more.

4. Solar power is great for the environment

It takes a solar power system around two years (depending on location) to generate the same amount of energy as was used to manufacture and transport the system. That leaves decades for it to produce clean, energy positive electricity.

5. Peak production of solar power coincides with peak need

In Australia, heaviest demand on the electricity supply network occurs on hot sunny days when air conditioners work their hardest. This is a peak time for solar energy production. More solar power means less investment is needed in traditional power plants. And because solar power systems can be installed close to where the power is needed, they help reduce the need for expensive upgrades to the electricity network.

6. Solar power adds value to your property

When selling your property, a solar power system will be a valuable asset that buyers will be prepared to pay extra for.

7. It feels good to have solar power

Whether your focus is on the financial or environmental savings, you’ll feel good about owning a non-polluting, money saving solar power system.


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