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Installing solar panels on your roof will save you money because you’ll be using power that you’ve made yourself for free from the sun. Here are some Sunstainable Tips to start you off. By knowing where energy is used in the your home and by actively working to reduce how much you consume, you’ll enjoy bigger savings. You can even become a net generator and feed electricity back into the grid.

Solar Credits

You’ll get credited for this electricity which may enable you to reduce you electricity bill even further. Putting a quality solar power system on your roof is step one.Changing your behaviour to take full advantage of the revenue generator on your roof is where the dividends can really add up. To do this you need to know where the energy is being used in your home and what you can do to minimise your usage without reducing your standard of living.

Where is Energy Used in the Home?

Below is a breakdown of where energy is used in the home and some practical tips to help you reduce the amount of energy you use. By following these tips you’ll become a more SUNstainable home and the great thing is that, by using energy more efficiently which, you will save money!That’s money to spend on the things you want rather than paying it to the power company!

Breakdown of average Australian home electricity usage

Where is energy used in the home?


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