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What Makes Solar Power the Best Renewable Energy?

Solar System Suppliers provide a service which reduces both your electricity bills and your environmental impact. With a host of benefits it’s no secret solar power has become regarded as the best renewable energy.

Sunstainable is proud to offer solar power systems and installation at an accessible price point. 

But what makes solar power superior to other renewable energies?

Whilst other renewable energies such as wind power, hydropower or biomass produced power do provide cleaner energies compared to fossil fuels, they each have shortcomings that do not exist with solar power. 

Other renewables

Wind power utilises wind turbines to generate clean energy. Unfortunately, a number of issues persist with this method. Wind turbine sites are often located remotely. This is far from cities in which electricity is most needed. Wind turbines can also be a hazard for wild birdlife. 

Just as wind power utilises wind, hydropower utilises water. Because it requires water, hydropower can become unreliable, or even useless during times of drought. These power plants rely on a consistent year-round supply of water to function. Due to the level of water needed, hydropower often utilises dams which can cause a negative effect on nature. These can destroy fish migration patterns and can reduce the amount of water getting to where it is needed. In turn, this can lead to fertile areas becoming more barren. 

Biomass power involves using organic matter to create electricity. It is quite a broad term and includes both animal and plant matter. These materials can be burned or turned into liquid in order to generate electricity. Unfortunately, the act of converting biomass into fuel can itself release pollutants into the air. 

Waste matter is often required for biomass produced power to be renewable. Unsustainable practices can result in destruction of environments over time. Growing crops specifically for biofuel can use up a large amount of water and space. 

Why Solar Power?

The aforementioned renewables all have their negative side effects. It’s true – no renewable energy energy source is perfect, and this extends to solar power. Because it is sunlight dependent, the effect of solar panels will be reduced in cloudy weather or at night. Solar panels will need to be carefully installed in the right place and direction to get their optimal use.

Solar power panels are the most accessible renewable energy for the modern power consumer – however, this means an upfront cost – fortunately, solar panels also reduce your electricity bill. They serve as an investment, both for your wallet and for the planet.

Contact Sunstainable 

If you would like to purchase solar panels, or enquire further please feel free to contact Sunstainable. Sustainable prides itself on providing high quality renewable energy Australia wide. 


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