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How Renters Can Benefit From Solar Power

As the premium Solar Installers Melbourne-wide, Sunstainable knows that when it comes to the benefits of solar panels, renters can sometimes feel left behind. 

While it may seem like the realm of house owners, there are a wide range of benefits that both rental providers and renters receive from solar panels. 

As well as creating clean, environmentally-friendly electricity, commercial solar systems melbourne provides savings on your electricity bill and can provide extra credit with a feed-in tariff.

Sunstainable is offering solar equipment straight from the factories at discount prices. There is no better way for tenants to begin saving now, whilst also providing future property value for rental providers. 

Save on Bills

The biggest advantage renters will achieve is a reduction in bills. The amount saved relies on a number of factors. Namely, the amount of sunshine that the panels are getting, and the amount of power usage. 

An entry-level Sunstainable 1.5-kilowatt solar power system feeding in 33% of its electricity back to the grid will produce approximately $23500* worth of electricity over 25 years.

A great thing about solar panels is that when it is sunny, extra power can be sent back to the grid, in exchange for a feed-in tariff. 

A feed-in tariff allows credit to be received for unused solar electricity that goes back to the grid. This way, even if power is not being used throughout the day, you are still receiving ongoing savings. Essentially, the power company buys your extra electricity back. 

With a feed-in tariff, you aren’t just saving money with solar power, but actively getting money back. This is particularly evident when the sky is clear, and the solar panels are absorbing as much sunshine as they can. 

Reaching an Agreement

Whether you are a tenant or a rental provider, the first thing you need to do is reach an agreement together. Many government rebates exist for solar panels, and much of the eligibility for rebates is similar for both homeowners and renters. 

Victorians are eligible for a government rebate of $1400 and an interest-free loan of the same amount. 

In the case of a loan, a rental provider and their tenant can create an agreement in which the tenant will pay towards the price of the solar panels, and will receive savings on their electricity bills. 

Alternatively, the rental provider can pay outright, or the cost can be divided with the tenant. 

Contact Sunstainable 

Whether you are a tenant or a property owner, get in touch with Sunstainable today to learn more. It is our mission to make high-quality renewable energy affordable for all Australians. 

* Adjusted for inflation and using historical output data for Melbourne, returns are higher for another mainland Australian Capital Cities.


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