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What to Consider When Choosing a Solar System Supplier?

With its wide range of benefits, converting to solar panel suppliers melbourne is an easy choice. But how do you decide which solar system supplier to buy from? 

There are many Australian solar system suppliers in the market, so it’s worth putting the time and effort into deciding which one is best for you and your home.

In this blog, we examine what you should consider when selecting a solar power installation melbourne.


First things first, whether or not you’re applying for a government rebate, you should make sure that your supplier is certified.

You should only trust licensed electricians and professionals to install solar panels. A solar panel that’s not properly installed can cause expensive complications down the line, not only that, the installation can be dangerous for a non-professional.

Quality of Panels

When making a solar panel purchase, price and quality are always going to be significant factors. Solar panels are an investment that will save you money in the long run, so don’t skimp on a dodgy system because it’s the cheaper option. 

Every home should have solar panels and there are high-quality yet affordable panels out there that can suit your budget. Government rebates allow you to get high-end solar panels at a very reasonable price.

Good-quality solar panels can efficiently convert sunlight into energy, ensuring more energy output regardless of the weather. 

Quality panels not only deliver more energy but are more durable too. Solar panels do degrade over time, but a quality solar panel will last a lot longer than a bad one.  

At Sunstainable, we buy solar equipment straight from the factories that produce them. We pass these savings on to you, meaning you get the best prices for high-quality panels.

Personalised Installation

Some people are wary of installing solar panels because they can be unsightly. At Sunstainable this is something we are mindful of. 

If you’re concerned about your panel athestitics clashing with your home, we can help you find panels to suit your roof. Not only will they have optimal sunshine placement, but we’ll make sure your roof is still looking good at the end of the day. 

In fact, we can take into account any personal concerns or queries you have, simply reach out and let us know.

Environmental Impact

When investing in sustainable power, you want to make sure that your supplier has the same environmental values that you do.

At Sunstainable, we live and breathe sustainability. Our environmental awareness doesn’t end at renewable energy but is promoted at all levels across our business. 

We also give preference to suppliers who share our environmental values. These suppliers limit their environmental impacts through packaging reduction and cleaner manufacturing practices.

Want to Know More?

If you’re interested in finding a solar provider, Sustainable will be glad to help you out. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality renewable energy Australia-wide. We’d love to chat solar with you today!


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